Etude House Kissful tint chou review


Product Description:

Lip plumping chou cream promotes, pouty smooth lips.

Chou cream texture supply moisture to smooth rubbery lips.

Natural tint colors lasts for hours to liven dull lips.

Lip plumping additive supplies glossy volume to thin lips without injection.


This is how my lips looked before putting on the Kissful Tint Chou 




After applying the lip tint



It really does make your lips fuller and as I was putting it on i felt a little tingly feeling on my lip, which i assumed that the lip tint was working, What I love about this product is that you can choose for many different types of colors, it’s very moisturizing, and of course it makes your lips look very full and plump.



As you can see from these photos you can see the difference between the top and bottom lip the bottom lip became fuller. Also you need to wait a few minute after seeing the effect of this lip tint.







So far I am loving this product, It does what it says i will and it’s very easy to apply to your lips, its not sticky at all and the tube glides to your lips very easily and when you wipe your lips off only the gloss texture of it gets wipe off and the color still stays on your lip, well considering it is a lip tint after all. So what’s the verdict? I would definitely buy this product again, if i can find it -__-



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