How to achieve that ‘gradient’ lip

Gradient lips are one of my most favorite lipstick look, its very pretty and cute at the same time

Here is one of the way to achieve a gradient look with a lip stain in a quick and easy steps



Step 1:

Apply lip balm and add either a nude color lipstick or a concealer to lips.



Step 2:

Apply your choice of lip stain and apply it to the bottom of your lip, only apply it to your inner lip


Step 3:

Next apply the lip stain to your upper lip also only on the inner part of the lip

This is how it should look once you are done applying the lip stain

Step 4:

You can either choose to only apply a lip balm or a clear gloss of choice

This is how it looks like with only a lip balm, its very sweet and natural 

Step 5:

Now This step can is your choice you can add a clear gloss to make your lip shine and it also make your lip stain stand out. I chose to add a clear glitter gloss making my lips shine and look cuter.


And now you are done 😀 Thank you for stopping by and i hope you enjoy!



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