How to achieve that ‘gradient’ lips #2



For this look I will be using both nyc lip stain and the kissful tint chou


Step 1:

Apply the lip tint all over your lips



Step 2:

Now wipe off your lips with a paper towel and make sure you don’t rub off too much of the lip tint, you only want to take off the glossy part of the lip tint.



Step 3: 

Apply the lip tint in your inner upper and lower lip and you can put as many product us you want depending on how red you want your lips to be.




 Step 4:

Now you can apply your lip balm




you can choose to leave it like that with only using a lip balm, and this would be the outcome of your lip with using only a lip balm.




Step 5:


Or you can add a clear gloss making your lips look fuller and shiny.





 And now you are done:) thank you for stopping by and i hope you enjoy!


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