New York City!


Me and my friends decided to go to New York City for my birthday and here are some of the pictures from New York:)


We decided took the train to get to New York 

First Stop Korea Town!

 Korea town is my favorite place to go to every time i go to New York, it’s where I usually get my skin care products and other cute accessories.



Then we got really hungry and decided to get some korean food, we got sangyupsal and surprisingly it was only $50! So much food :d

We then decided to go to Time Square and there, we saw soo many weird things which was very much expected, because you will never know what you’ll see when you get to the city.

First thing we saw a man dressed as Edward Scissorhands

I actually think he’s some rapist, cause all he did was go to the girls and either to talk to them or scare them.


Second Stop: Toys r Us


I’ve always loved toys r us, I can always feel like a kid again when I’m inside.


I love all the lego works I saw, man they must’ve took a lot of time to finish. But nonetheless it was AMAZING 

Then when we came out of Toys r Us the first thing we saw was a man with only his underwear and a guitar, stating that he was the naked cowboy, more like half naked though.

Then another man was half naked with a Native American theme going on. But the difference with this guy is that he actually seemed like he had a nice body, but sadly I didn’t get to see his front view…lols wonder how he looked likeXD


Then after we came back home me and my other friends decided to go to Ruby Tuesdays to have dinner and visited frozen peaks for dessert. I gotta say this was a very enjoyable birthday this year! I wonder what I should do next year…hmmm





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