How to achieve that ‘gradient’ lips #3


For this look you are going to be using 2 lipsticks, any light pink shade and a red shade.


 I am using the wet and wild mega last Matte lipstick in 966 Don’t Blink Pink and Avon in Flame Red



Step 1:

Apply your lip balm, because this lipstick can really dry out your lips


Step 2:

Now apply the pink lipstick to your lips make sure you only put a little bit of the pink lipstick in your lips

You can use your fingers to spread the lipstick throughout your lips, because you don’t want to apply too much of the pink lipstick, and to give it a fading effect.


Step 4:

Now apply the red lipstick to your lower and upper lip and make sure to only put the red lipstick in your inner lip.


Step 5:

Again use your finger to blend out the color and to make sure you blend the lipstick well.


 And Voila You are done! Its very quick and easy:D 


Thank you for stopping by! 



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