Ice Princess Makeup Tutorial

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Start With Moisturizing and apply your foundations


Step 1:



Using a white eyeshadow apply it all over your lid to your brow bone



Step 2:



Now using light blue eyeshadow apply it to your lids



Step 3:



Now using this blue with a hint of green apply it to your lower lash lines



Step 4:


Using a blue eyeliner apply it to your upper and lower lash lines.



Step 5:

Now using the darkest blue apply it to the corner of your lid and also apply it to your crease.

(idk why the color looks a lot brighter but it comes out as a dark blue)



this is how your eyes should look like


Step 6:


Apply a white eyeliner to your water line



Step 7:


To make your eyes stand out more add a white eyeshadow near your tear duct.


This should be the outcome of your eyes


Step 8:


Curl and apply your mascara



Step 9:

apply a nude lipstick (you can also choose to add a clear gloss to make your lips look fuller)


Step 10:


apply a light pink blush


and there you go you are done!!



thank you for stopping by and i hope you enjoy!!



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