Summer 2012!



Summer is almost over, and I definitely can’t believe it DX I love summer and I never want it to end!! But just like life all good things have to come to an end, but i definitely will never forget it!!


Here are some pictures that I took during my Summer Vacation from camp



This is the before picture of my bedXD



and After!!:))








I love nature, but i HATE bugs oh gosh once I got home all I got was bug bites all over me especially my face:(




Okay, I love swimming, but I will not recommend swimming at this lake. It is so dirty!!




So every morning, the counselors perform funny skits and sings to wake up the campers and they sure do make a fool of themselves, but hey who cares it’s camp, whatever happens in camp stays in camp lmaoXDD







Let me tell you this pretzel sandwich iss soooooo delicious, it seems weird or simple, but it is so good now i’m thinking about making one








I definitely loved canoeing, it’s so peaceful and quiet:D








Showering in camp is the worst thing ever, first you have to share the shower with tons of girls, and then you have some that takes forever! Second there are bugs everywhere, Third if you want to shower in the morning you have to wake up extra early and the weather doesn’t help at all it’s freezing! Last is the water, it’s either you have a boiling hot shower or an ice cold shower, sigh I don’t even know how I was able to shower every night :”'(





Hiking! Yay!












Talent show anyone??






no to talent show, how about go carts? The carts was smaller that it usually was before, and I was shocked how even me and my friend fit in it in the first place. 







once in a while this is what happens in my sleeping area




Wacky Wednesday?? 


Look at that gorgeous guy:D



I was the one that took the picture so no, I wasn’t here










Even though I’m out an about, I can never forget about my nails:DD



Exhibit A: of annoying bugs, a huge caterpillar don’t worry i didn’t squish him. I thought about his future as a beautiful butterfly!






The best s’mores ever are definitely during camp fires!







After 6 Days It’s time for us to go home:(( bye bye C.O.H you will be missed








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