***Beauty + Makeup Haul***

Hello Everybody! I got these products a long time ago, but I’ve been holding it off, because I got really busy, specially from school, I’ve been soo stressed out about college applications! I don’t even know how people survived >_<, and to add to that I finally got a part time job! It may be tiring, but in the end it’s all worth it. Anyways please keep reading to see what I got!

I’m soo excited to use some of these products, especially the face masks from the face shop 

A few weeks ago I went to forever 21 and I found these gorgeous earrings and from what i remember the cost ranged from $2- $4

This pair is one of my biggest pair of earrings ever, and it’s pretty heavy, but it’s very beautiful and classic.

This pair has a vintage feel to it and it’s one of my go to earring, that i would wear everyday.

and last, is this beautiful flower earring, it’s my FAVORITE pair of earring out of all the one’s that i have! I love the mint green color and the star in the middle, it’s just soo cute. Literally every time i wear it i get complements from everyone, and the best part was this was only $2 at Forever 21!

Then I got these lip products from L.A colors from the dollar tree! I saw someone blog about LA colors one time and I was interested to try them out. The lipsticks are actually very pigmented, but they only have a few color selections. They have a bubble gum smell to it, and the lip gloss are also very pretty, but overall I don’t think I’ll be purchasing these again.

Then I got these NYC lip products for $2

i also got these lip liner and this liquid eyeliner from sears and they were only a dollar each, they’re both very pigmented.

I got these cream blushes from Forever 21, and I’m in love with the colors and i use it almost everyday because it’s great to use for a natural look.

Last are these face mask from the face shop, i’ve been wanting to try them out for months now, I’ve heard good things about their face masks and I’m pretty excited to try them!

Then I got these adorable lovely me:ex face mask, I have the other one which is the Magic Pink Powder Mask ( the blue one) which helps reduce acne on you face, This one is the waterful grape mask which in an overnight face mask and helps moisturize dry face.

Thank you for reading this post and have an amazing day!

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