Benefit Posie Tint Review



I’ve been wanting to buy this lip stain for such a long time now, but i’ve been holding it off since it was pretty expensive, it was $30 for one bottle. Now that i got it I’m so excited about it! I wanted to buy the Benetint at first, but i since I already have so many red tints I might as well try out the pink tint. And I was definitely not disappointed!




This is the instruction that come’s with it, which is pretty much self explanatory. 



The packaging is the same as how a normal nail polish packaging looks like. 



Here’s the swatches: 



It’s a nice baby pink color, I’m wearing a peach lipstick on and then the posie tint on my inner lips. I have a medium skin tone, and I actually love it on my lips and cheek, I only reapply once or twice. The only thing is that it dries your lips so it’s best to put on a lip balm and or a lip gloss. You also need to only use a little amount for your lips and cheek, and the color will show up right away. I will definitely buy this product again, if ever i finish the whole bottle. 











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