Benefit Dandelion Blush Review



I’ve always loved light pink blushes, and Benefit Dandelion blush is one of those very pretty pink color that you can use for everyday. 





It comes it this cute box, and it has a blush brush included inside



This blush feels very light on your face, and it actually felt like i wasn’t wearing any blush when i applied it on, It’s very lightweight and it’s a really nice flattering color. It also has such a nice scent to it, it smells fresh and floral. This blush is perfect if you want to create a natural look, or the “no makeup, makeup” look. 


This blush also blends really well and can last all day



It has nice pink color, that has subtle golden glitter in it (which you can’t really see the glitters in the swatches >_<) and the shimmer in the product gives your face another dimension, and i like how it can brightens your look.







I would definitely buy this product again, and I’m actually excited to try out their other blushes!


Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!


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