Drugstore and High-end products Makeup Haul!


It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a makeup haul! I’ve bought of these products a long time ago, and through time they just added up. I usually buy them one by one whenever i can or if i saved up some extra money from my tips at work. I was also able to get soo much high-end products because of my most amazing family. For christmas they gave me a sephora gift card since they knew about my love for makeup (i think i’m addicted guys!). But anyways please keep reading to see what i got !



L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Caresse Aqua Lip Lacquer



I was so interested to try these products out when i saw them at my local drugstore, and I thought the fact that it was suppose to be an alternative drugstore product for the high-end YSL glossy stain was interesting, so i decided to get it so i can try it out. 



L’oreal Colour Riche Caresse Stick Lipstick




Then i got these lipsticks because I’ve been actually interested in a dark purple color or fusia colored lipstick, and coral lipsticks. Also ever since I got my first caresse lipstick (Blushing Sequin) I was in love with it and i thought it would be nice to try out their different colors. 


Revlon Lip Products


I also go these at my local Rite aid Store, they were having a buy one get one half off special for the revlon line, and i got these lip products to try out, and i was able to get a $4 off reward which i thought was pretty cool since I’ve never got those rewards before. 




Revlon Lip Butter



Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede




Cover Girl Blush (Pretty Peach)

I’ve only recently started to get really interested in peachy, orange tone blushes, and so i got this cover girl blush from target. I didn’t really like the packaging of it but anyways the product itself is what matters the most.



Benefit, is actually my favorite makeup brand, they have such cute packaging for each of their products, and it’s such an amazing quality. At sephora they have these cute Kits, that has smaller versions of the original products, and since i didn’t want to waste too much money buying more one product at a time for $30 each i just decided to buy the kits, to try them out and then later on (much much later on) I would be able to buy the full products for the once i loved the most.



I actually love all the products on this kit, especially the concealer because it really covers all your blemishes. It’s also the perfect match for my skin tone.



Fine One One, is one of those products where you can use it in so may different ways, you can use it as a blush, highlighter, and a lip color. 




Benefit Dandelion Blush is such a pretty pink blush that I have used nonstop since i’ve bought it.



Sugarlicious Makeup Kit



It comes with the Benetint, High beam, sugar bomb blush, and lipgloss, these are actually all the products that i really wanted to try out a long time ago, and i feel that it was just so amazing the fact that they were all in one kit, so i didn’t have to buy them each (which i felt saved me so much money!)



M.A.C lipsticks and lip gloss

finally after such a long time i was able to get mac lipsticks, and these are my first m.a.c products and i actually treasure them (hopefully that doesn’t sound so wierd), but I was so excited when i got them. 



The darker pink is called “Girl About Town” and the lighter one is “Sunny Seoul” 


Then i got these two lipgloss and the white is called “pretty plush” and the purple one is “rebel.” I got the rebel lipgloss because sadly the lipstick was out of stock so the saleslady gave me an alternative that would give the same color as the rebel lipstick which was using the girl about town lipstick and then putting the rebel lipgloss over it and I ended up loving the color, it gives such a nice dark purple color, and i can’t wait to do a review on these lipsticks!


and that’s it thank you guys for sticking until the end i know it was pretty long! I hope you guys have an awesome day!


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