My High School Graduation!



After 4 years in West Orange High School I’ve finally graduated! It was bittersweet because I would definitely miss all of the friends that I’ve made throughout my high school years, but not I’m so glad i’m finally done with high school. But now here comes another milestone in my life, and I’m so scared! I’m gonna be a freshman in college and I just don’t know how would do, but i will just try to stay positive and be the best that i can be 😀




When I was a freshman in high school I couldn’t think anything else but my high school life, I wanted to be friends with everyone, all i wanted was to fit in. I felt that my 4 years in high school is my only life, but i didn’t realize that it was just the beginning, and that i would be meeting so many more people. But in the end, I’ve made so many amazing friends. High school was tough but if it wasn’t for my friends I don’t know how i would’ve survived that jungle. I’m glad that i was able to meet them and spend my four years of my life with these people! 



I can’t wait until college and meet so many people, It’s a scary yet an exciting thought. All i’m hoping is that I would be able to meet all my goals and not get to caught up in unnecessary things. 








Do you see that girl with all those honor cords? Yeah her! That’s my best friend, she’s always been by my side since we were in middle school, and i don’t even know how we survived each other all throughout this four years of hs. But anyways, I’m so glad to have known you and I know that even though were going to different universities, that we would still be best friends, and be in each others wedding! You were the only one that i was able to tell how i truly feel and even though we fight all the time and have our differences, at the end of the day, we’re still here for each other! I’m gonna miss you so much! 



And lastly to my parents, I know sometimes i can be bratty and annoying, but you still do everything for me and my siblings. I really want to do everything i could so that i don’t have to see you guys work anymore! Every time i see dad being so tired coming home from work i always feel so bad. Since i’m a late child both my parents are pretty old, specially my dad, even though he’s almost in his 70s he’s unable to retire, i don’t know the full reason but both of them still have to work so they can support for me and my siblings who are in the philippines. But I promise that I would work hard to be the best i could be and I would make sure that both of you don’t have to work at all, and so that you guys can just go off on a vacation anytime you want to. I love you guys! And thank you so much for everything that you guys have given me! 



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