Etude House Haul





Hello Everyone! I’m here to do another haul from Etude House! My parents recently came back from the philippines and as usual I asked for my favorite korean brand makeup, which i found it pretty ironic the fact that i wanted a korean makeup from the Philippines. Well anyways I’m so excited to share with you guys the things they bought for me! Some of the stuff i actually asked my parents to buy for me because i know that they would definitely not buy it if i didn’t give them any money. Any ways please keep reading to see what i got.



 I had to look online to see the products that i wanted so that they would know what to buy, while i was looking online i was so excited, yet all of that disappeared because apparently all of the things that i wanted were out of stock so i just ended up telling my older sister to just pick anything, since i trust her instincts.  



They got me two body sprays and a moisturizer, Etude house really has cute packaging that gets me all the time. Then i got the collagen moistfull cream with a free sample of their essence. 



Then i got the the rosy tint lips, which i’m so excited to try out and then a kissful tint chou. I already have different color of the kissful tint chou and i love it so i’m also excited to try out this color. Then I also got one of their mascara just to try it out. 



Lastly, they got me more moisturizer, it’s smaller than the regular ones but there’s three different kinds, face masks and nail polish!



I’m so in love with these lip tints, I’ve been wanting to try them out and They really work great. The consistency reminds me of revlon colourburst mattebalm. I was kinda bummed that i couldn’t get the colors that i wanted but none the less i still love them.






I’m so crazy about these ice cream nail polish, they’re so adorable



Here’s a closer look of the moisturizers that I got, you can see the difference of the size with the regular packaging and the favorites collection. I’m excited to try them out, I’ve read many great reviews about this moisturizer and I’ve been using the shea butter nutriful cream and it works great. 


and thats all for now, Thank you guys for reading! bye bye 😀








1 thought on “Etude House Haul”

  1. I just also came back from a 3-week vacation from Manila. I went to 3 branches of Etude house (Megamall, Greenbelt, Landmark). Alas! They don’t have the product I was looking for or even know what it was. I will be ordering it online instead. 😉

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