A visit to china town, Korean food + Nature Repulic Haul


Me and my sister had to pick up my parents from the JFK airport located in new york, so of course after that we went on a little adventure, after picking them up we went to china town, visited Nature Republic and had some yummy korean food.


We wanted to go to China Town to have some yummy food, and also to look around and spend some cash, But Parking was so horrendous, everywhere we go there’s no spot to park at all. It was so bad we were circling around china town for about 30 mins, so we came up with a brilliant plan (well for me it was brilliant). My sister had to stay in the car and just keep circling around and then they had me buy some things to bring home. We decided to eat somewhere else, in the end i had to run to the stores and quickly buy them pork bun, and other food. We thought it would be okay since it was a weekday but nope, there were so many tourists and people fighting for parking. So we just stayed in the car and decided to go to Palasades Park instead and have some korean food.


To fight boredom i had a selfie session, I mean how else are you going to fight boredom hahaha.



So in the end we decided to just have korean food at Fort Lee and they were delicious as usual.





After lunch i went straight to nature’s republic and bought some things



I got the aloe vera, I’m so excited about the aloe vera because you can use it in multiple ways and it was also their best selling products. I also got a foam cleanser and two nail polishes.



While i was at the register i noticed that they had little exo stands (since exo is the new endorser of nature republic) , and i asked the cashier if it was for sale and he said it was a little freebie if you buy $30 or more but only spent like $15 so i was like forget it. He asked me if i wanted one and i was like YES! and He gave me one and obviously i had to ask for Kai! I was so happy that i completely forgot about the things that i bought! 



thank you for reading! bye bye 😀



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