Nature Republic Nail Polish Review

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So I’m going on a blogging rampage today because i realized that i have so much things ready to share to you guys that have been piling up in my iphoto, I finally found some time to blog again so here i am doing a review for Nature Republic’s Nail polish



I am in love with this nail polish hands down this is probably my favorite brand. There are two places that i can find this store, one in New York City, China Town. Second is in New Jersey Palasades Park. Nature Republic has a great variety on prices some are expensive and others are cheap! These nail polish cost about $1.40, They’re very affordable and has great pigmentation. It also depends on which colors you buy some it might take 2-3 application to get rid of the streaks on your nails while others like this blue color you really need only 1-2 application. Another thing that i love about these nail polish is that it dries really quickly. I’m the kind of person that has no patience whatsoever and i hate waiting for my nail polish to dry. So this was perfect for me! With chipping that can’t be avoided unless you have gel nails on your manicure would most likely chip anyways, So yes it does chip the nail polish usually last me a week and a half until it starts chipping. But other than chipping i really love this nail polish and Nature Republic has a wide range of colors for you to choose from.



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