Dior Addict Lip Glow REVIEW~


I’ve been wanting to get this Dior Lip glow for so long now, I originally wanted to try out the pink color but since they came out with this new coral color i wanted to try it out. There’s so many ladies out there that are raving about this lip glow, or shall I say lip balm. Also while i was testing it out at sephora i felt that the Coral suited me more. 


In the back it just shows some information about the product
A customized balm that enhances and beautifies the natural color of the lips: As the color reacts directly with the unique chemistry of the lips, it looks different on every skin tone.



The packaging is so adorable, at first glance it reminded me of L’oreal Colour Riche Balm, It looks great on my vanity, it kinda gave me that princess vibe to it (if i’m even making any type of sense haha).



The Dior sign is engraved into the cap





This is how the coral lip balm looks like, it has a vanilla scent to it with a hint of mint (which i love)

When I was just looking at the lipstick itself i had to think twice about it. Because I thought it just going to be orange. I love orange lipstick, but i usually only wear them during the summer/spring season. So i thought if I’m not going to wear it all year long it would just be a waste of money, since it cost about $34 all together.


Swatch without the flash


But once i swatched it on my hands it became this nice pink/redish color that looks great on my skin.


With the Flash


Here’s how it looks on my lips without flash


With Flash


So What’s the Verdict?
I love this lip balm, ever since I bought it’s the only lip product that I’ve been using. I just love how moisturizing it is and the color is very complementing. The color that you see on my lips might be different for you, cause it’s formulated to look on different skin tone and how the temperature of your body is. Also after awhile i realized that the color stains my lips and makes it very long lasting. Yet $34 is very expensive for a lip balm, i promised myself that this would the only splurge that i will be doing for the year! 
Thank you guys for reading and have a great day!




3 thoughts on “Dior Addict Lip Glow REVIEW~”

  1. I’ve been eyeing this! Still waiting for its release here in the PH or is it here already? 🙂 I loved the original one so I’m thinking I’ll like this, too!

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