Nail Art

Nail Art


Lately I’ve been really getting in to nail arts. I love looking at different designs and I tend to get my inspirations from kpop idol groups, their nails are more extravagant and full of gems. Here in the US there are many nail salons everywhere and yet it’s so hard for me to find the perfect place where they can do exactly what i want and the designs on my nails. So i just decided to learn how to do my own nails so that i would be able to do any designs that I want.


Here are some of the nail art that i’ve done so far

I bought the acrylic nail kit from Sally Beauty Supply, and most of the time i just look at Youtube videos for tutorials, applying acrylic on my nails is so hard the tutorials make it seem so easy.I just try to make them look decent by filing them to make sure that there are no ridges and i file them for hours because i’m really bad at applying acrylic.I actually found some techniques that makes applying acrylic easier and i’m excited to try it out once i need to re-do my nails. I really want to get better at doing my nails so that I wont ever have to go to a salon and spend so much $$$ and maybe just maybe i might become a manicurist (in a very distant future lmao). Also whenever i go to nail salons it can get really awkward with the person doing my nails. 

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day 🙂


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