Maybelline theNUDES eyeshadow palette Review and Swatches


Maybelline eyeshadow palette theNUDES

Product Description on their website: DARE TO GO NUDE

Why You’ll Love It

Our first 12 shade collection curated to create infinite looks with bold beiges, sultry sands, brazen bronzes, and over the top taupes.

For Best Results

1. Color entire eye area
2. Shade lid
3. Contour crease
4. Line around eye
1. Color entire eye area
2. Shade lid
3. Contour crease
1. Shade lid
2. Contour crease


I got this palette from harmon probably around a month ago for about $10. I love the packaging its so sleek and how they layout the shades is pretty interesting. Basically, in the palette you can create 13 different looks with 3 quads, 4 trios, and 6 duos. It’s a mix of shimmers and matte colors and this palette is great for those who are just starting to get into makeup.

Yet I have mixed feelings about this palette, I love the shades and colors but there’s so much inconsistencies with the pigmentation and texture. There are few colors that are amazing and the ones that i use all the time are only two shades. Which are the bronzed brown and the darker brown, both shimmers. It’s highly recommended for you to use a primer before applying the shadows for the colors to really show and a lot of layering with the same colors. The things that i like about this palette is how easy it is to blend, the price, and the layout.


I bought this palette because i heard that it was pretty much a dupe for the Naked Palette, which i’ve been contemplating wether i should purchase it or not. Since I’m not really big on eyeshadows it’s hard for me to just buy one palette for more than $50 specially when you can find dupes for those shadows. So when i heard about maybelline’s new palette i decided to purchase it right away, i can honestly say that when i first swatched them i was disappointed. But when i found better ways apply the shadows,I ended up using this palette on my everyday routine. Yet it didn’t really satisfied me enough to convince myself to not buy the naked palette ever, it’s still very much on top of my wish list.

here you can see the layout of the palette and the different looks you can create


w/ flash
no flash

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