All about Contouring and Highlighting

'Summer Glow' Makeup Tutorial

First is Figuring out your Face Shape:



There are many different ways to contour and highlight your face, each and everyone of us have different face shapes. It’s good to take these things into account so you would know where to apply your highlighter and contour.

After Figuring out your face shape, here is a face chart that shows you the best area to apply both your contour and highlight: 


For helpful tutorials just Click on the Images below:

they will bring you to my favorite websites where you can learn how to properly contour and highlight your face.

How To Contour (From Elle)
Highlighting and Contouring (From Makeup Forever)
The 10 Commandments of Contouring and Highlighting (From Allure)
Beauty Basics: Contour (From Allure)
How to contour makeup? (From Teen Vogue)

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